Our Story

A journey that’s as impressive as our chocolates

Mr. Nooruddeen Moolakkadth, a man with humble beginnings, rose to become the Head Chocolatier of ‘Le Chocolat’ by Emirates Airlines. With a passion to create flavours that delight, he founded Cocoa Melts and donned the Chief Chocolatier’s hat. Established in 2015, Cocoa Melts chocolates are known for their distinctive, lip-smacking taste. They are a symbol of luxury and an elite brand that befits the taste of the exclusive few.

We don’t just create plain chocolates but focus a lot on chocolates loaded with nuts. With Cocoa Melts, you get to choose from a wide range of chocolates, right from truly crunchy to really smooth, seasoned varieties. This diverse range of sweetness is perfect to satiate the chocoholic in you!

We don’t see our customers as just our clients. To us, they are amazing friends with whom we share an undying love for delicious chocolates. Our passion to satisfy the sweet tooth of chocolate lovers knows no bounds. That is why, we are committed to serving our chocolate-loving ‘friends’ with the best chocolates possible on this planet.

Superior quality is the hallmark of Cocoa Melts chocolates. You have to taste our chocolates atleast once to understand how exotic, exclusive, and premium they are!