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What is the shelf life of Cocoa Melts' products?

You can enjoy our chocolates for 12 months, ensuring they maintain their quality and taste during that time.

Do Cocoa Melts offer any products for people with lactose intolerance?

Currently, Cocoa Melts does not have specific products designed for individuals with lactose intolerance. However, we are constantly exploring new options and may consider lactose-free alternatives in the future. Please check our product catalogue for updates.

How should I best store the chocolates?

It is recommended to store Cocoa Melts chocolates in a cool and dry place at 18°C for optimal freshness. After opening, store them in an airtight container. 

Where do the cocoa beans used in Cocoa Melts come from?

Cocoa Melts sources its cocoa beans from select regions known for their high-quality cocoa production. We prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing practices.

How can I find out about possible allergens in Cocoa Melts' products?

Cocoa Melts packaging entails detailed information about the presence of allergens in all its products. 

Can I create my own selection of chocolates?

Yes, Cocoa Melts provides options for creating personalised selections of chocolates. Explore our customizable gift options to create a unique and delightful chocolate experience for yourself or your loved ones.

Does Cocoa Melts uphold an ethical approach to ingredient sourcing?

Absolutely! Cocoa Melts is committed to an ethical approach when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. We prioritise sustainability, fair trade practices, and supporting cocoa farmers and communities.

Are all Cocoa Melts products available online?  

While Cocoa Melts offers a wide range of products, not all of them are available for purchase online. We recommend visiting our retail locations to explore all ranges of products.