Cocoa Melts - Flavours and Emotions

Cocoa Melts - Flavours and Emotions

Everything is good if it’s made of chocolates’ - Joe Brand



Do Chocolate Flavours Have an Impact on Our Emotions?

Happiness. Joy. Positivity. These are just a few adjectives often used as synonyms for the feeling attached to the consumption of chocolate. Even obtaining chocolate, getting a gift, or buying one for self can lead boost happiness for many!

There was a time when chocolates were used for medicinal purposes and then they became the French aristocratic drink. During the long journey from being the Cacao plant’s extract to becoming a polished sweetener used for festivities and celebrations, chocolates have always been innovated and brought to us as a delight!

According to scientists, chocolates have ingredients that are medically tested to work as anti-depressants! That is why, so many people associate chocolates with celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and more! Even our common food bloggers have often proclaimed chocolate to be the king when it comes to different desserts and cuisines. But do chocolate flavours really have an impact on our emotions?


Roasted Almonds for the Win!

According to the Journal of Affective Disorders, research published in 2006, the moods of chocolate section elaborates on how a different mix of flavours ensures that the human body reacts uniquely to each. For example, the roasted almond chocolate flavour can make one feel confident and ready to take on the world! It has nutritional value as well as a sweetening aromatic crunch.

Cocoa Melts’ Roasted Almond flavour is draped in rich gooey chocolate with the perfect bite into an almond that is known to be the most crunchy and delightful dry fruit. Thinking of gifting something to your significant other? You shouldn’t be thinking twice before ordering these little joyful bites.


A Pistachio Chocolate A Day Keeps Anxiety at Bay!

Pistachio is not proven to have a direct mental health impact, but these nuts can help you fight anxiety. And along with a generous mix of chocolate, just think about the glorious sudden happiness booster these tiny bites of chocolates are for you!

The Barquillo Pistachio Hamper is a perfect blend of flavours created with zeal and passion. It is a quality sweet chocolate known for its distinctive taste. As you take a bite into it, a swirl of pista-flavoured chocolate will melt in your mouth transforming you into a world filled with extreme happiness, away from worries!


Hazelnut Will Leave You Mesmerized 

The millennials prefer this flavour, but no child or elderly will ever deny it! Hazelnut is known to drive ecstasy in with its extremely rich, flavoured enigma. This flavour is exotic and will feel sinful but a delight. The Barquillo Hazelnut hamper from Cocoa Melts is an excellent celebration chocolate gift pack for yourself. And we suggest you keep it to yourself! But if you feel generous then add another to your cart for your loved ones.

These chocolate gifts online are easier and have a different aura to them. These are wrapped in perfection to look fanciful and royal. Be it a birthday chocolate gift box or a valentine’s day premium chocolate hamper - all the gift packs are customized in the right way for your special someone!

Chocolates affect your emotions, and the right kind of mix can help you feel happier, stress-free as well as energetic - kind of ready to take on the world!

Cocoa Melts brings the art of bringing delight and happiness to your life with flavourful chocolates on your important occasion. Brighten up your festive day with the sweetness of love by Cocoa Melts. 

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