Chocolate + Friendships = A crazy trip down memory lane

Chocolate + Friendships = A crazy trip down memory lane

“There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate” 

-Linda Grayson 


Memories! We cherish the memories of our childhood often and wish if those days might return.  

So, let me help you take a trip down memory lane. 


We have all reminisced about those nostalgic memories of childhood back when we were still in school. 


One of our favorite moments that comes to mind would be our best friend picking us over the entire class to distribute chocolate sweets. How we’d anticipate this moment and when they finally picked us the happiness we felt knew no bounds. It was that elite moment of joy, of being picked over the rest of the class which we proceeded to share with the rest of our class. Chocolates that somehow felt more luxurious that day. 


Cut to busy schedules, hectic lives, starting a family, and work-life pressures! All this results in less time to have a personal life and before we know it the good times with friends diminished. 


It has probably been a really long time since we have called them up or sent them a sweet loving gesture. Friendships are best maintained by those random acts of kindness and sweet gestures. What better way to commemorate this than by sending over a box of luxurious chocolate gifts to bring back that dose of nostalgia?   


With Cocoa Melts you can now surprise your friends with the most premium chocolate range offering texture and quality so smooth, that it melts in your mouth. Crafted from the best quality cocoa with a heavenly blend of rich cocoa butter and milk powder in Dubai, providing you with the best chocolate experience. These little dallops from heaven will leave you with a lingering sweetness, much like the sweetness of your own nostalgia. 


So do not stall a moment longer and head over to Cocoa Melts official website  to check out their scrumptious range. Browse through their unique variety of creamy chocolates in three mouth-watering flavors each to suit the unique fondness and choices of all our loved ones. 


Barquillo for your corporate buddies 


The unique buttery flavour of pistachios, blending with the perfect sweetness of couverture chocolate was bound to be a combination like no other. The Barquillo Pistachio chocolate range by Cocoa Melts delivers the perfect balance of creaminess and flavour as you dig into each bite, making you long for more. Pistachios are known to have a high impact on positive mental health by providing a healthy dose of antioxidants, and various nutrients, including vitamin B6 and thiamine. This can help fight stress and anxiety, especially for those working in a hectic work schedule. Make this your go-to choice for all premium corporate gifts and let them enjoy the perfect blend of zeal and passion.   


Gift yourself a Barquillo 


The heavenly combination of savory hazelnut combined with the comforting sweetness of chocolate makes for an exotic culinary experience lingering with a nostalgic comforting charm. The nostalgia probably factors in due to a certain hazelnut cocoa spread we have been accustomed to eating as an occasional treat.  This iconic taste continues to bring us joy even as we transition into adulthood, being our official go-to midnight snack. 


So go ahead and treat yourself and your dear ones with Cocoa Melts Barquilllo couverture chocolates and immerse yourself in that luxurious nostalgic experience once more.  Bite into fantastically delectable chocolate filled with scrumptious hazelnut filling and feel yourself slip away into a bounty of happiness.   


I am sure, you have thought of someone specific for each of these certain flavors and probably cannot wait to send them this parcel of happiness. Wait no longer and head to Cocoa Melts official website to purchase these yummy confections all with the ease of a single button. With its attractive packaging and fancy aesthetic, Cocoa Melts is the best chocolate in India for all your festive gifting requirements. 


So once again let's go ahead on that lovely nostalgic trip, only this time let's take our friends with us. 

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