Beauty of little moments with Cocoa Melts

Beauty of little moments with Cocoa Melts

“A good life is a collection of happy moments”

- Denis Waitley


What are some of the happiest moments that you keep reminiscing about? Was it that favorite birthday you celebrated with friends? Or was it that special anniversary with your spouse? Life often presents us with a surplus of these grand occasions but it is often the little things that leave a lingering sweetness for us to savor later. So whether celebrating a really good hair day or finally receiving that online package you have anticipated for months, we can always make these sweet moments even sweeter with a box of our premium sweets and chocolate goodies.

Be it the grand moments or small, Cocoa Melts handcrafted chocolates are a delight for all.  Made from the highest quality Cocoa powder along with pure milk powder and rich cocoa butter and handcrafted in Dubai. These organic couverture chocolates are a delight to the palette for all your special moments, so wait no further and check out their unique delectable flavors all available at the 

When thinking of occasions to celebrate we often tend to overlook the more subtle moments that bring us joy. But life isn’t just about those grand occasions rather, the acknowledgment and culmination of the little things as well. So go ahead and let us remind you of all the random tiny moments you can celebrate with chocolate gifts the next time you chance upon them.


Personal achievements big or small

Celebrating achievements, big or small often leaves us with a sweet sense of satisfaction. Whether it is passing that big test, getting through your graduation, or completely crushing your office presentation; every moment of personal achievement deserves to be celebrated. So do not think twice before getting out a box of the best chocolate gifts you can get your hands on.


Celebrating send-offs the right way

Saying goodbyes are often a bittersweet moment that we often dread but cherish at the same time. Whether it’s saying goodbye to that favorite teacher or that most beloved boss who encouraged you at work. You’ll always find moments do celebrate all the fond memories in which you grew and matured with them. So make this bittersweet moment a bit more sweet the next time you have to bid that special someone goodbye.


Getting that perfect haircut

You have experienced this: the anticipation that comes with wanting to change your look, and the feeling of ecstatic joy when you finally see it turning exactly as you wanted. Your happiness and contentment know no bounds as you admire the end result with sweet satisfaction. This calls for a celebration!


Celebrating your favorite sports team

Whether you’re a football fanatic or a cricket enthusiast, the joy you get from watching your favorite team play knows no bounds. We all love those sweet get-togethers along with the yelling of anticipation and cheers of joy. Moments like these are a treat for all to savor.


Favorite artists long waited for Album

That long-anticipated moment when our favorite singer drops the hit single they have teased for months. You probably can’t help gushing about how awesome it is to all your friends and a good way to bring up this amazing moment is by offering them a box of mouth-watering chocolates.


You had a random craving

Last but not the least, the best reason to have chocolates is no reason at all! You do not need an excuse to dig into a box of premium chocolate because with the right box of chocolates you can make every moment a reason to rejoice.

With Barquillos Cocoa Melts you can now indulge yourself with the finest and most premium chocolate experience presented to you in 3 mouth-watering unique flavors are all available at the click of a button. So wait no further and order now!

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