• Barquillo Hazelnut

    Fantastically tasty and luscious, Barquillo Hazelnut is a sin to have, and believe us that you will relish being that sinner. Exotic and crunchy, this delectable offering from Cocoa Melts will leave you wanting for more. Because happiness is always needed in bounty. A little of it is never enough.
  • This creamy and crunchy delight is filled with pistachios that’ll just lift your mood. Its heavenly taste lingers in your mouth just like a butterfly over a blossom of flowers. Barquillo Pistachio’s sweet taste will hurl your soul into the depths of satisfaction and enigma. It’s a perfect blend of flavours, created with zeal and passion!
  • Almonds, food that befits the Gods, are draped here in rich chocolate with perfection. These are tantalizingly crunchy chocolates that will make your taste buds burst into ecstasy. Have it as a dessert after a hearty meal or devour it just for the sheer fun of it. Either way, Barquillo Roasted Almond promises to leave you mesmerized!
  • Gifting

    1 box contains – 16 pieces, weight – 365gms
    Presenting a box of scrumptious and melt-in-the-mouth chocolates is an excellent way of expressing your love to your friends, family, or colleagues. Showcase your feelings for your loved ones in the purest form with Barquillo’s ‘Chocolate Gift Box’. Choose an assortment of chocolates as your gift, and rest assured that with our quality and taste, your gift will be remembered forever.
    For your corporate customized gifting box, please contact us.
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