The moment when a chocolate piece is in our mouths, we experience a pure sensuous delight; all the pain and anxiety of the world around us melts away and everything is bliss and pleasure. Then we swallow and the world rushes back in. We feel uplifted, and relaxed for a few vanishing moments, maybe a little turned on…maybe a lot. 

That’s how chocolate is…It’s sweet, creamy, luscious, decadent and naughty. According to research, many people turn to chocolate when times are tough and just when they want a sweet treat. Why is that? Of course, it’s sweet, smooth and so-yummy, but is there more? Read further…

The Science of Chocolate

It’s not simply for marketing purposes that chocolate is referred to as the “pleasure drug,” the “love drug,” the “happy drug,” and other such terms. Numerous components, chemicals, and molecules found in chocolate have been demonstrated to have a variety of enjoyable and beneficial effects on the brain and body.

Chocolate has a significant impact on the brain, the combination of all the ingredients of chocolate, packaged in a convenient bar or bag, is a winning formula to elicit positive emotions in the consumer.

That’s why we always say, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy chocolate and that’s just the same thing.”

Dark Chocolate is Even Better

Scientists have verified the health benefits of dark chocolate. The higher cocoa content, at least 70% cocoa, offers concentrated levels of flavonoids. Dark chocolate also offers antioxidants which protect blood vessels, prevent cancer, support cardiac health, and apply lower blood pressure.

The lesson of the tale is that, even if only momentarily, chocolate can make everyone happy. By choosing dark chocolate, you’ll not only feel good and improve your mental health, but you’ll also be defending your body against harmful oxidants.

As a result, we can accept the deliciousness and potential health advantages of chocolate rather than feeling bad when we indulge.

Why Cocoa Melts?

Cocoa Melts is the home of chocolate lovers.

It takes a desire to pursue any form of art, even making chocolate. We are devoted to producing the best chocolates possible to satiate all of your needs. Every single chocolate that our skilled chocolatiers create is made with their heart and soul to wow the connoisseur in you with its quality!

Our consumers are no less than Gods to us, and chocolates are the meals of the Almighty. Chocolates made by Cocoa Melts are the result of unrelenting skill, passion, and pure love. So it comes as no surprise that our consumers remember their enjoyment of our delicious chocolates for a very long time. Our chocolates’ distinctive flavor and superior quality are part of our commitment to bringing happiness to others.

Have More of It..

Chocolates from Cocoa Melts are not only organic but also delicious and high-quality. They are produced in Dubai using the finest Ghanaian cocoa. These chocolates are made with a blend of rich cocoa butter and Swiss milk powder, and they are so smooth that they simply melt in your mouth. Here are our three mouth-watering offerings:

  • Barquillo Roasted Almond
  • Barquillo Pistacchio
  • Barquillo Hazelnut

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