We don’t need an excuse to celebrate cocoa in all its glory, but this July, let’s treat ourselves to our favourite chocolates on World Chocolate Day.

Whether it be dark, white, or milk chocolate, this food is worthy of year-round celebration, and World Chocolate Day – celebrated on July 7 – is primarily a great excuse to enjoy the delights of cocoa. It is also an opportunity for chocolate lovers – old or new – to expand their chocolate horizons and try new flavours.

Why Do We Celebrate World Chocolate Day?

Humans have enjoyed chocolate for thousands of years since the first cocoa plants were found around 4,000 years back in Mesoamerica – present-day Mexico. However, World Chocolate Day wasn’t celebrated until 2009. It is still not clear why July 7 is celebrated as the most delicious of occasions. Yet, historians trace the great onrush of the continental cocoa craze to July 7, 1550, when chocolate was introduced in Europe in large quantities.

The Rise and Evolution of Chocolate

Historians believe that the Olmec – one of the earliest civilizations in Latin America – was the first to turn the cocoa plant into chocolate consumed as a drink during rituals or a medicine. Centuries later, Mayans roasted and ground the cocoa beans into a paste that was mixed with water, chillies, and cornmeal to brew ceremonial drinks. By the 12th century, the highly valued cocoa bean served as currency in Aztec society.

As far back as 1502-1504, legend has it that Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover cocoa beans used in the Aztec culture as currency and a drink. In 1519, when conquering a part of Mexico, Hernan Cortez had a vision of converting cocoa beans to golden doubloons (a Spanish gold coin). In 1528, chocolate arrived in Spain with the return of Cortes, and it was a secret that the country managed to keep from the rest of the world for almost a century.

It wasn’t until 1600 that chocolate became a hit with French royalty when Marie Therese of Spain married King Louis XIV of France and brought samples of chocolate to the royal courts of France to celebrate the union. It was then only a matter of time before mass-production technologies, innovative ideas, and new forms would transform the bean-based treats from luxury to everyman staple.

How to Celebrate World Chocolate Day?

With its rich history across many countries, chocolate continues to fuel daily dose of food-based exhilaration for sweet-toothed consumers around the world. This gives another reason to celebrate the sweet delicacy on World Chocolate day. Take a sneak peek at some of the interesting suggestions on how to celebrate chocolate day.

Build a Healthy Relationship with Chocolate

It’s time to get rid of the guilt of craving chocolate as it could add a bit of caloric content to your diet. Studies have shown that celebrations associated with chocolate consumption result in successful weight maintenance and improved quality of life. So, which day could be better than July 7 to achieve these goals.

Expand Your Taste Buds with New Choco Treats

Today, the world of chocolate is vast and diverse. This July, seize the chance to broaden your chocolate horizons and discover your new favourite chocolate products. Cocoa Melts brings to you three amazing offerings – Barquillo Roasted Almond, Barquillo Pistachio, and Barquillo Hazelnut with couverture chocolate and delicious ingredients that leave you wanting more.

Treat Your Loved Ones

World Chocolate Day is the perfect day to celebrate chocolate and share it with your loved ones. Moreover, those unaware of this day will be thrilled to celebrate with you. Surprise your favorite person or people Barquillo’s ‘Chocolate Gift Box’ and sweeten their day. You might also make sharing chocolate on July 7 a yearly tradition.