‘Trick or treat, be so sweet, give me something good to eat.’

Halloween And Chocolates Have a History Together:

The history of Halloween is such that this is a day when the spirits of the dead revisit the world. And to placate as well as present these spirits with something sweet is a tradition that has been followed for years! Halloween is just another weekday without the trick and treat or the costume parties.

The ancient celts and Roman Catholics were the inventors of Halloween rituals. In the early 17th Century, children visited houses on 31st October to ask for something sweet which later turned into candies and chocolates.

There are traditions that are followed every year on 31st October. Halloween night is celebrated by wearing spooky costumes and visiting graveyards or haunted houses. But the most prominent ritual is trick-o-treat, a fun-filled activity in which the kids visit their neighbours asking for candies. Chocolates add to the fun and make it a light, celebratory mood. Nowadays, even premium pumpkin-shaped chocolates as well as different flavoured chocolates have been added to the list of Halloween traditions!

Trick-O-Treat with Cocoa Melts!

Halloween is not a traditional Indian festival, but many people celebrate it and observe the rituals like trick-o-treat as they distribute chocolates. Cocoa Melts Barquillo Hampers in the Pistachio, Roasted Almond as well as Hazelnut flavours will be the premium gift and chocolate hamper choices on Halloween.

Here are a few ways in which you can celebrate Halloween:

  1. Make Jack-O-Lanterns – Buy some pumpkins and carve out faces in them to create the Jack-o-lanterns. A legend goes such that the Jack-O-Lantern saves the house from any unwanted spirit by scaring it away. You can find these lanterns on all the porches during halloween.
  2. Wear Scary Costumes – Everyone is a ghost on Halloween! People wear their favourite scary costumes from the movies and show up at the celebration parties. A few popular costume choices are Willy Wonka, The Joker, Harley Quinn and more!
  3. Spread Joy with Treats – The Trick-o-treat is a game in which the definition is clear. If the owner of the house gives the children a treat, such as chocolate or candy, the child will not go ahead with mischief planned on the house owner!

A Festival to Spread Joy

Halloween has a deeper meaning than just spooky rituals. It is an age-old tradition that shows how being kind can save you from all kinds of troubles. Halloween chocolate is a symbol of kindness and happiness.

Cocoa Melts offers a varied range of best chocolate gifts and chocolate Halloween treats for kids and adults alike. This online chocolate store ensures that your festivity goes on as you go ahead and ‘TRICK-O-TREAT’!