‘Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.’ – Ursula Kohaput

History Of Chocolates:

It is unbelievable but true that our beloved chocolate’s earliest use was as medicine! The Latin American civilization utilized the Cocoa plant’s extract to create a delicious and magically reformative drink – chocolate. It spread like wildfire in Europe and became an aristocratic favorite. No brownie points for guessing that it soon came to India; to date, it is still a favorite for elders and kids alike!

Ever wondered what makes chocolate so delightful? Or why does being gifted a celebration chocolate box suddenly lights up someone’s face?

It indeed has some scientific logic behind the entire process. Cacao, the main ingredient in the making of chocolate has a constituent that helps the human body produce serotonin – the happy hormone! Even the sugar present in a bar of chocolate adds up as an insulin booster and brings a smile to the face of the connoisseur.

No wonder, chocolate is used for sharing happiness and love. It is today a symbol of celebration. Be it valentine’s day or thanksgiving, chocolates are an essential part of the celebration!

Indulge In Chocolate-y Celebrations This Year!

India is known for its festivals, be it Holi or Diwali, visiting relatives and friends to greet them is a must in Indian households. But an age-old tradition of meeting each other during the festival celebrations is also associated with not going empty-handed. One can bring gifts, sweets, and dry fruits to share their joy. Imagine having to go around ten different households and pondering over what to get each friend or relative so that it is unbiased as well as brings them happiness.

Chocolate is your friend here! Something as simple and fanciful as a celebration chocolate box can fix all your worries. It is a thoughtful gift and will save a lot of time that would have otherwise gone into searching for a suitable celebration present. There are so many different types of celebration chocolates that Cocoa Melts offers; it ranges from premium choices to something as effortless as a hamper of delicious gooey bits. Fill your festive season with happiness by spreading joy with chocolates. Share the serotonin-boosting scrumptious chocolates with your house help, people from your office, and everyone you meet on a day-to-day basis!

Online Chocolate Celebration Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Do you live in a different city and want to send your best wishes to your family and friends? You must look at some of the best chocolates in India that can be gifted online! Gift your relatives and kin an instantaneous happy moment by sending them a bar of wrapped chocolate hamper with a special note attached to it. These chocolate gifts filled with love will definitely not be worth you being there in person, but it will be your token of love with them on this special day!

Gifting chocolate online with just a tap of your finger is the most amazing benefit offered by Cocoa Melts. The Barquillo gifting hamper is reasonable and unique as if it is specially crafted for your loved ones!

Without Chocolate, there is no celebration! What are you thinking of? Go ahead and get your loved ones the sweet delicacies that they deserve!

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